Large Mix & Match Leaf Earrings


You don't need to buy a pair of leaf earrings, complete flexibility for your style. 

Of course you can if you like, but if you have 3 piercings, choose 3 leaves, if you have 5, choose 5 ; and you're not limited to one style. Mix it up as much as you like, just like the woodland floor. These large leaf studs compliment the mini leaf earrings. You can mix them up into any combination. I have 3 piercings in my ears and like to wear 1 mini oak leaf, 1 large Hazel leaf and 1 large bramble leaf. Sometimes I like to pair a large leaf with the twigs. It's a coherent story, with complete flexibility. Much like the changing seasons, your leaves can bloom with the seasons. 

These mix and match earrings are all about flexibility.  What will you choose?

And if you only need one, that's fine too. If you've lost an earring and need a replacement, you're in the right place. Choose your leaf shape and earring style from the drop down menus and add each one to the cart as you go. You can change quantities in the basket by increasing or decreasing the amount and hitting 'update', before you checkout.

Stud dimensions: W 20mm L 17-20mm

All handmade to order in 100% recycled Eco Silver (925 sterling) 

If you would like these in gold, just let me know. Click to get in touch for a quote.

If you are choosing 2 or more leaf earrings today, of any style, enter coupon code LEAFLOVE at checkout to save 15% off your total order. This discount applies across the large and mini leaf earrings, so you can choose 1 mini and 1 large and still get the 15% off. 

* Choose your leaf:

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