Lace Embossed Cufflinks


The embossing process destroys the lace, so each panel of each cufflink is unique. Available to order in silver or gold.

Cufflinks are a time honoured piece of men's jewellery, and lace jewellery is not just for women after all.  Although now more and more women (including myself) choose to wear cufflinks. In settings where bracelets and rings are not appropriate, cufflinks make an excellent alternative as a touch of daily luxury.

In solid sterling silver or white gold these cufflinks are reminiscent of the knarled bark of an ageing silver birch, the surface texture shimmering, but rich and deep. In gold they remind me of the bark of a mighty oak, standing proud in the ancient woodland in the deep sunrise rich light. 

As unique as the trees that inspired them, each cufflink is hand made, so you can choose from a chain link, pictured, or a solid bar style. (Picture coming soon) This is purely personal preference, it does not affect how the cufflinks function. Some people prefer a bar, some people prefer a chain. 

Each cufflink panel measure 10mm x 15mm x 1.5mm in silver and 9ct gold, and 1.2mm in 18ct gold. If you would prefer your 18ct gold cufflinks to be thicker, please get in touch for a quote. Each piece is handmade, so it's easy to make adjustments.

For any variations or personalisation, please get in touch for a quote and I will be happy to discuss options with you. These make a really meaningful gift for an anniversary, as they can be made using the lace from a wedding veil or train. Please bear in mind the lace will be destroyed in the process. 

Contact Tamsin here.

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